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During the current recession, one of the few job sectors to enjoy continued growth has been criminal justice. 
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As you’re applying to the criminal justice program of your choice, start determining where you might like to specialize. 
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Take the first step towards your future by searching for the top criminal justice degree program that’s right for you! Apply now.
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Top Criminal Justice Fields
Legal System
Crime Analysis
Law Enforcement
Drug Education
Juvenile Justice
Economics and Crime
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Criminal Justice Jobs
Whether you want to pursue a career in a field like law enforcement, homeland security, the FBI or corrections, Free Criminal Justice Info can help you find the right school.
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Sample Criminal Justice Salaries
  • Security guards: $26,000
  • Private detectives: $47,000
  • Paralegals: $52,000
  • Police officers: $70,000
  • Security directors: $80,000
  • Police chiefs: $90,000
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Scholarships for Criminal Justice Education

Scholarships tend to fall into three categories:


  • Scholarships for academically-talented students. Many scholarships are available for top-performing students who are otherwise not able to pay tuition without financial aid.
  • Scholarships for students pursuing jobs in high-need fields. Many scholarships also help cut the cost of college for students who are planning on working in fields that are constantly understaffed. Nursing scholarships are particularly a great resource for students—with funding available not only on the state, but also the federal and private levels.
  • Scholarships for non-traditional students. Some students raising a family also decide to go back to school and for them, there’s a wealth of opportunity available through state-based scholarships.

Because criminal justice jobs fall under “high-need jobs,” there are a high number of scholarships available to students looking to develop a career in this field.

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