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  Why Criminal Justice?

There Are Many Benefits To a Career In Criminal Justice

During the recession, one of the few sectors to enjoy continued growth has been criminal justice. Which is why more and more students now than ever are seeking careers in criminal justice — and not just as police offers, but as private detectives, and even at the federal level as FBI offers. These jobs tend to come with great starting salaries.

Even though criminal justice careers have gained popularity through T.V. shows like Law & Order and CSI, for many degree-holders, the benefits are very tangible:

  • Job security – By working for an employer that’s not going anywhere, police officers and other public sector workers enjoy a degree of job security that many in the private sector do not.
  • High salaries – Many criminal justice workers enjoy a starting salary of at least $50,000 and enjoy regular raises.
  • Health coverage – Another perk public sector workers like police offers enjoy are solid healthcare packages.
  • Pension plans – Many criminal justice workers enjoy generous retirement pay packages as well.


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